Industrial Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing for Plastics and Rubber.


01. From Sketch to Production


02. Design for Manufacture

We will work alongside you business to design your product and make it ready for manufacturing. This is a fairly technical area where attention to detail is vital. We offer expert advice to create a design which is suitable for product manufacturing. 3D CAD modelling and analysis, product visualization through prototyping is essential in bringing a new product to the market.

03. Tooling

We offer you the desired grade of mould tooling for your product, with the service to match. Tooling is done with our trusted and highly experienced partners. We remain in full control of the tooling process to ensure that you receive the best quality within your budget.

04. Manufacture

Once the tooling has been manufactured and tested, we then go to production using our network of our trusted partners with their machines.

05. Assembly and Packaging

Once your product is manufactured, we can help in assembling and also complete the production cycle through to final packaging, and making it ready for distribution. This would be dependent on minimum requirement of products assembled and packed and the costing is done on a case to case basis.