Industrial Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing for Plastics and Rubber.

Mould Tooling


On finalization of the product design to customer’s complete satisfaction, we proceed to fabricate the mould and tooling. Depending on the requirements of the project, our team designs and manufactures the best moulding tool suited to the product’s design and production requirements.

We have developed an extensive network of tooling partners with immense industrial experience with tooling and die casting. If needed, we maintain and repair the tool and we have complete control over the mould tool manufacture process by sourcing from our long established trusted partners.

At Kickwheel Innovations, we have created bespoke tools for injection moulding, rubber compression moulding and tools for press tools and sheet metal for customers in the electronics, medical devices, consumer durables, and personal care industries.

The moulds are constructed from hardened steel. The choice of mould material depends on the mass production volume. For example, steel moulds are more expensive to construct but they have a longer lifespan, which offsets the initial mould tooling costs. Therefore, hardened steel moulds are suitable for higher production volumes. We also use mild steel in cases where a single cavity mould is needed for short run production. We do not use or recommend the use of aluminium moulds as our experience has proved that they tend to offset any cost benefit that could be accrued from shortened time span in fabricating the mould.