Industrial Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing for Plastics and Rubber.

Industrial Design

kickwheel 70

The industrial and product design process is an important and critical stage in the production of any component. We have in-house design expertise with extensive experience in the plastics industry and therefore we are able to design for manufacture in plastics material that is right for your project. We also work with third-party designers so as to provide our customers the best possible options for their products and components. Our level of attention to detail is immense. Our designers do not compromise on the quality of the finished product, and therefore we can manufacture it with high standards. We talk to you through every step of the design process to ensure that the design best represents your ideas of the product. We not only work on the look and feel of the product but also on its durability, keeping in mind the environment it is designed to be used in. Our design studio is fully equipped with the latest Autodesk 3D CAD software and other supplementary rendering software platforms. We offer a range of time compression services including surface digitizing, rapid prototype build and CNC machining alongside traditional model making.